Safety Relief Valve / Pressure Relief Valve

Where the pump running against closed valve or line blockade then it is suggested fir the safety of the plant.

Pressure Gauge

It is use for with dynamic working characteristics, that require constant monitoring. The selection of gauge requires consideration of process, environment and accuracy,

Dry Running Protection Device

When pump runs dry (Without Liquid) the temperatures rises due to the high friction between Rotor & Stator, and when set temperature reached the device trip the motor. This device sensed temperature thermoelectrically in the stator & protect dry running of stator.


A Strainer is also pump protective devise. There is often unwanted matter present which can cause serious problems. Dust, foreign matter, or even clumps of product itself, can clog or damage pump parts which is costly exercise.


It is required for continuous flow of Dosing pump without Stroke material SS or PVC